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Ending Foreclosure in Oklahoma through Bankruptcy

oklahoma foreclosure attorneyOklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorneys Helping Stop Home Foreclosures
Defaulting on a mortgage may lead to creditor harassment and, eventually, home foreclosure and repossession. Up and until the sheriff's sale has been confirmed, you can get your house back by filing bankruptcy. We assist people who cannot make house payments, stop foreclosure and help them stay in their homes.
When a debtor defaults on mortgage payments, a creditor will eventually file a notice of default formally commencing the foreclosure process. This document usually contains a threat of foreclosure if the debtor does not pay the mortgage payments by a specified time. The sooner you contact an attorney after you receive a notice of default, the better your chances of avoiding or stopping foreclosure. Contact Us today.
Foreclosure And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
If you have fallen substantially behind on your mortgage payments but generate enough income to make mortgage payments on a going forward basis, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a good option for you. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor repays mortgage arrearages over the life of his plan, interest free in most cases. The debtor establishes a payment plan with the lenders, allowing him or her to remain in the house and avoid repossession.
Foreclosure And Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
People filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy will only lose their home to a bankruptcy trustee if it has substantial equity, and will only lose their home to their mortgage company if they fall behind on their mortgage payments and cannot reinstate the loan prior to the foreclosure sale.
We will sit down with you to review your financial situation and present you your options for how to stop foreclosure. If bankruptcy is necessary, we will help you decide which chapter of bankruptcy best fits your financial needs.


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